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Online Services Purchase a Driver Record. Veteran Designation Heroes to Highways. Show Subnavigation. Testing You will also be required to take the following tests: Eye Test — Persons with a current driver license from another state or country, or those applying for a first-time New Mexico driver license, are required to pass an eye exam.

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Latest News:. Albuquerque Man Sentenced for Tax Evasion. Visit Our locations page. Most Popular Online Services. Change my address with MVD? Register my new vehicle? Renew my driver's license?


Get a specialty license plate? Get my driver history record? Learn how to protect my identity? Note: The passenger and night driving restrictions only apply until you are 18 or you have had your provisional license for one year, whichever comes first. DMV will issue a replacement driver license if: It is lost, stolen or damaged; You have a change of name, address, or sex; The card contains an error; or You are reinstating your license.

After you meet all the requirements: You will get an interim card to use as proof of valid driving privileges. Note: Many government agencies and businesses, such as the Transportation Security Administration and Social Security Administration, do not accept the interim card as proof of identification. Check with the agency or business before you go to find out what documents they will accept.

The Post Office will not forward a driver license. Use your current mailing address on the application. The Vision Test. The Safe Driving Practices Test. Details : No appointment needed. We stop giving the test 1 hour before closing. Testing is on a touch screen computer. There are 20 multiple-choice questions. No notes. No phones. No talking. No electronic devices. No cheating. No-one else in the test area, unless you need a translator.

The wait time after: 1st, 2nd or 3rd failure is one day.

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Rules: Only you and the examiner in the vehicle. No weapons.

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No smoking. Turn off all electronic devices.

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Remove objects from dashboard and rearview mirror. Note: If your driver's license has previously been renewed while out of state and does not have an updated photo, no further out of state renewals will be allowed until you have appeared at a driver licensing office in Nebraska and updated your photo. Individuals must renew in person at least once every ten years and have a new digital image and digital signature taken. Nebraska licensed drivers; 21 years and older, who know they will be out of the state during their renewal period, may apply for renewal of their license operator's or commercial prior to their leaving the state.

They may be asked to provide proof that they will not be in the state during renewal period, and all standard testing requirements would be followed for their renewal. Contact the Driver Licensing Services main office for details.

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These rules also apply to family members of active duty military personnel. There is a Military Exemption process or you can chose to keep your license current by renewing by mail or online if possible. If you are in the state of Nebraska, you will follow the regular In-State Renewal process listed above. If you are stationed out of the state of Nebraska and wish to keep your license current you can renew online , by mail, following the Out-Of-State Renewal process listed above, as well as including one of the following: a copy of your current orders, b copy of your leave papers, c copy of your discharge papers, valid for 60 days after discharge, or d military ID card.

You will be required to prove Nebraska residency, even if stationed outside of Nebraska. Signup for eNotice email or text vehicle renewal notices. Renew Your License Plates Online. Renew Your Vehicle Registration.

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Reinstate Your License. Skip to main content. Commercial Driver's License. CDL License Expiring? DUI Interlock Device. Need an Interlock Device? Points, Suspensions, and Reinstatements Information regarding suspensions, reinstatements, and points on Nebraska driver's licenses or permits. Need to Reinstate your License? Vehicle Title and Registration Information regarding vehicle titles and registration in Nebraska.

License Plates Information regarding Nebraska license plates.

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License Plates. Customize your plate! Order your specialty plate online Check the Status of a Specialty Plate. Driver and Vehicle Records Information regarding Nebraska driver and vehicle records. Need a Nebraska Driver Record?