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They provide a VantageScore credit score range based on an Experian credit report with the best name, address, employer current and previous on file, credit history with account payments real estate, auto, revolving, installment, and collection , credit inquiries, public record filings bankruptcies, tax liens, foreclosures, and civil judgments.

Experian Connect does not offer background checks or eviction history reports. Furthermore, Experian Connect lacks all of the bells and whistles to help you handle the other necessary aspect of tenant screening like reference checking.

Your Free Tenant Background Check Form

The pricing is free for landlords, property managers, and real estate agents. The turnaround time is as soon as the tenant verifies their identity and grants you access to the report. The method for report requests is as follows: The tenant is invited to fill out an online form to verify their identity. Applicants pay for their credit report and grant you access to it.

Experian Connect is basically a credit report and does not include a criminal record search or dedicated eviction history reports. But fails if your aim is to use more robust data as part of your tenant screening process. RentPrep provides a free rental application. You can receive a credit report, but it depends on which package you choose to purchase. The SmartMove package offers you a full credit report by TransUnion. The credit score you receive is not the exact score.

The verification service means RentPrep will check up to three references by phone. This includes SSN verification, address history, eviction report, judgments and liens, and bankruptcies. You can also order add-ons if needed. Deciding who pays for the tenant screening fee depends on which package you buy. If you purchase the RentPrep Background Check, you pay the screening fee.

If you buy the SmartMove package, then you can choose to let the tenant pay. The method for obtaining the reports is as follows: You sign up for a free account, choose a package, order extras add-ons if needed, upload verification documents, and pay online. RentPrep does not offer instant reports. A RentPrep report typically takes about one to two business hours after the order. If you added verification calls, it could take 24 hours to complete the phone call verification during the business week.

The SmartMove report makes the information available within minutes of the applicant verifying their identity, so the turnaround time depends on how long it takes the applicant to respond to verify their identity. RentPrep charges extra for background check features nationwide criminal records and sex offender search , but they do offer reference checking by phone. Furthermore, the SmartMove screening price is more expensive than alternatives who offer the same screening reports for less.

CoreLogic MyRental offers a free rental application that applicants can fill out online. MyRental uses data from the credit bureaus, bankruptcy record, and payment history to determine the tenant score. Some packages include a full credit report, nationwide criminal records, and evictions history reports. You can specify which documents you would like the applicant to upload or submit via the MyRental platform. MyRental does not check references.

There are three MyRental plans to choose from. It does have an eviction and criminal background check. You decide who pays for the screening fee. The turnaround time depends on how quickly the applicant verifies their identity. The method is as follows: When you want to screen applicants, you can fill in the info about the applicant on the MyRental platform and then submit it for screening.

The applicant grants you access to their credit information and you receive the reports. TransUnion SmartMove does not provide a free online rental application that the applicant fills out. You can receive a TransUnion credit score and credit report. The credit score is also a credit-based ResidentScore which is based on a model that predicts rental industry outcomes. You receive a nationwide criminal record report as well as eviction history report. SmartMove does not offer a document uploading feature nor reference checking. You can choose to pay for the screening fee or have your applicant pay for it.

The turnaround time depends on the speed at which the applicant responds to authenticating their identity and granting access to their credit information. The method to request reports is as follows: You create an account and send your applicant an invitation.

Tenant Screening 101: Conducting a Background Check for Your Salt Lake City Rental Property

The applicant receives the invite and completes the online application. TransUnion SmartMove does not offer a rental application, reference checks, or a document uploading option.

What is a tenant background check?

Tenant screening services are available to both members and non-members. You can receive a full credit report and score depending on which package you purchase. The criminal background check can be purchased with some packages. Be careful when selecting a package because some only include criminal records history for one state rather than the whole United States.

The less expensive packages include only state-specific eviction history, and some do not include the eviction history at all. There are no document uploading and reference checking options with AAOA.

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You pay the screening fee, and the turnaround time is instant except for requests that include a credit report or score. The method to request reports is as follows: You provide AAOA with tenant information and pay for the package of reports you wish to purchase. You receive the tenant screening reports in that package instantly except for the credit report because the applicant will need to grant you permission to view their credit report. AAOA emails the tenant a unique link so that they can verify their identity and release the credit report to you. Money Crashers. About Money Crashers.

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