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A contested divorce is just the opposite: the spouses are unable to come to terms on their own, and as a result they have no choice but to present their respective cases at trial.

When Will My Divorce be Considered “Uncontested”?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, this is quite common.

Technically, yes. It takes two to reach an agreement, and if your spouse is unwilling to negotiate in good faith you may have no choice but to pursue a contested divorce. However, when you and your spouse meet with your respective attorneys for the first time, you should both receive information on the benefits of pursuing an uncontested divorce.

In many situations, the divorce process begins with the spouses and their attorneys working toward setting the stage for an uncontested divorce. In the divorce context, fault is a separate concept.

While filing for a fault-based divorce in New Jersey is still an option many states have done away with the fault-based divorce concept , in most cases spouses file for a no-fault divorce. But, no-fault does not mean uncontested.

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Even if you file for divorce on no-fault grounds, if necessary you can still pursue a contested divorce and fight to protect your interests in court. There are four primary issues that need to be resolved in a typical divorce, contested or uncontested. These are:.

Depending on your family and financial circumstances, these issues could be relatively straightforward, or they could be highly complex. In order to make sure that you fully address each issue including establishing an enforceable parenting plan and dividing your retirement accounts , it is important that you discuss your uncontested divorce with an experienced attorney.


You do not want unresolved issues lingering after your divorce. If you would like more information about contested and uncontested divorces and deciding which option is best for you, contact MR. You can send us a message online , or call to schedule an appointment today.

There is no way you can replace legal experience. While you and your ex-spouse might agree on all the terms of your divorce, translating these wishes into an airtight legal document requires the insights of a proven family law attorney. Our New Jersey uncontested divorce lawyers are ready to deliver the swift and skilled representation you deserve.

This agreement must be in writing and presented for court approval. In New Jersey, you can file for an uncontested divorce if any of the following apply:. Although the idea of an uncontested divorce may seem straightforward, hidden complexities often arise that require the deft attention of a legal expert. If you and your spouse believe you could successfully get an uncontested divorce, our team of New Jersey uncontested divorce lawyers can guide you through each stage of the process.

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How to File an Uncontested Divorce in New Jersey Without a Lawyer

We will make sure you have the necessary information to make an educated decision for your future. We understand that you may be suffering greatly from this process, and we'll provide the highest level of care and attention. You need representation on your side that will fight to minimize any adverse effect of a verdict in your case. We limit our practice solely to family law so that we may provide a higher quality product to our clients.

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