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Providing counsel on family law matters, including divorce, custody, visitation, support, and adoption. The Life of a Criminal Case in Virginia. Maximum punishment:. Felonies - maximum sentence is life in prison, miniumum is 1 year in prison. Sentencing guidelines can impact greatly. Virginia can impose the death penalty. However, a felony citizen arrest warrant has to have a police report backing it or approval of the Commonwealth's Attorney.

To see past Spotlights - go to Archives. The contents of this website do not in any way form an attorney-client relationship, nor do they constitiute legal advice. The Law Firm of Erin L. Contact Us Forms. Areas of Practice Juvenile Criminal Matters. Estate Planning. Serious Driving Offenses. Family Law. The Criminal Discovery Process. This document provides a model continuance policy for use by courts to achieve more effective caseflow management.

This brief article describes how caseflow management can successfully address issues of case volume and workload in the courts, and provides examples. This report outlines many ways in which courts can improve caseflow management including trial management, dispositions, timing, leadership and others.

This seminal report presents analysis of the pace of litigation and its correlates based on felony and civil case data from 39 urban trial courts.

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This report shows how demonstration courts evaluate symptoms of delay in the context of many factors, as well as explaining that delay is both a problem and a sympton of other underlying problems facing courts. This report represents a three-year study of case-processing times in 18 general jurisdiction trial courts in several urban areas in the U. Reports' conclusion is that delay is not inevitable and there are ways for successful caseflow management. The study is directed at suggesting ways to institute additional efficiencies and improvements in light of continued shrinking resources while simultaneously not appreciably diminishing either the access to or the quality of justice in the Judicial District Court.

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This study ordered by a judge that pushed for a more efficient warrant database. Specifically, the author focused on ridding the database of deceased individuals in order to make it more user-friendly. The author includes how to replicate his research for other counties in this article. This article, based on research conducted in the Circuit Court of Cook County Chicago from June through March , addresses the challenge of a large, urban felony court in reducing delay through the introduction of a Differentiated Case Management DCM system.

This report addresses challenges facing court operations and concerns voiced by judges and other stakeholders regarding case management practices. Thirteen recommendations are made to improve the court's calendar system and case management practices. Because of the detrimental impact on children, it is important that litigation be concluded as rapidly as possible, consistent with due process. Depsite the development of court performance measures for timeliness, the lack of national data suggests that specific attention to the charging and court-resolution time of child sexual abuse cases has not been prioritized.

This article presents the findings of an investigation of the time expended by fourteen state supreme courts to resolve direct appeals of capital convictions and sentences. This document provides a model plea cut-off policy for use by courts to achieve more effective caseflow management. Rural courts face unique challenges posed by their locations in sparsely populated areas, often with limited resources for themselves and for court users.

In many places, however, the challenges are being overcome through effective use of modern technology and support from state administrative offices of courts. Caseflow Management Resource Guide. Our experts recommend CourtMD online assessment. The Caseflow Management Maturity Matrix is a high level framework that describes the critical hallmarks of caseflow management and is a self - assessment instrument to determine the level of adoption and institutionalization of caseflow management principles and practices by a court.

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Case Processing Time Standards. Fundamental Issues of Caseflow Management. Steelman, David C. Future Trends in State Courts. Hall, Daniel J. Reengineering Lessons from the Field. Court leaders typically recognize the need for developing new processes and work methods.

However, the current budget crisis has forced court leaders to recognize that they must significantly redesign court services in an era of constrained resources. Matthias, John T. As courts update their case management system technology, selecting and implementing a highly configurable case management system allows a court to contemplate managing continuous change in the business environment.

Selecting a system depends on judging its configurability capabilities, and developing good user requirements depends on capturing process-oriented requirements to take advantage of those capabilities. National Center for State Courts.

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Steelman, David. Caseflow Management. National Association of Court Management. California State Auditor Report February California Administrative Office of the Court. Model Continuance Policy. Caseflow Management Guide. Lansing, MI: State Court Administrative Office A guide for judges and caseflow management practitioners about caseflow management, court supervision of case progress, judicial support and leadership, and management information. Mahoney, Barry and Holly C. Williamsburg, VA: National Center for State Courts A "how-to" guide to help conduct caseflow management review by analyzing caseflow management systems of several urban courts.

Reexamining the Pace of Litigation in 39 Urban Courts. Courts that Succeed: Six Profiles.

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Mahoney, Barry et al. Changing Times in Trial Courts. Rauma, David.

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A reference volume used to aid those prosecuting civil cases. Using the Civil Justice Reform Act as a template, this document examines various statistics about civil justice and uses them to postulate a number of trends and patterns. An NCSC study of comparative case management speed and effectiveness in a large environment. The study investigates the court system of Boston, Massachusetts in order to discover what works and how case management systems can succeed in other urban environments.

Goerdt, John. Multi-jurisdictional study of case-management procedures and case processing times. Mahoney, Barry and Antoinette Bonacci-Miller.

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Project that aims to produce significant improvements in caseflow management practices in participating courts and helping reduce case processing times to decrease backlogs in the courts. Pitts, Wayne J. Justice System Journal Vol. Coolsen, James Peter. Steelman, David, et.

November Griller, Gordon M. Joseph P. Farina, and Daniel J. May Cauthen, James N. Why So Long? Explaining Processing Time in Capital Appeals. September