What is a criminal history background check

This statement is included in the application. There are a few different options you can consider to conduct criminal background checks.

State of Connecticut criminal background checks can be done using name and date of birth only or they can include a fingerprint check as well. DDS policy does not require that the background check include a fingerprint check. You can choose which type of criminal background check to complete. You can also choose from the options listed below on how to get the criminal background check completed.

Identity History Summary Checks

Criminal background checks using name and date of birth can be completed by your fiscal intermediary in one to two days. This check can take up to two weeks to complete. These companies can be found in the yellow pages or on the Internet. The Human Resources staff can assist you with this option also.

Criminal History

Your fiscal intermediary may also be able to assist you to do this type of background check. A criminal record history check is one of the most common elements of an employment background check. In the U. As such, they are required to use reasonable procedures to ensure maximum accuracy in reporting of information.

Even with reasonable procedures, however, cases of mistaken identity can still occur and often are the result of the information available in a public record. Fingerprint images are captured by one of two methods: 1. Capturing fingerprint impressions by livescan is the preferred method as it is the most accurate way to capture fingerprint impressions. The livescan will capture both fingerprint images and demographic information, and electronically transmit that data to the Criminal Records Unit for further processing.

Scheduling an appointment is encouraged, as this is the best and most efficienct way to process an applicant requiring fingerprints.

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To schedule an appointment for fingerprinting, please call: Scheduling an appointment has its benefits over walk-ins. If you call to schedule a livescan fingerprinting appointment, the operator will explain the fingerprinting process, the required paperwork you are to bring with you, and the fee you will be charged. Appointments are also more convenient for the applicant, knowing the exact time they will be served and allowing the flexibility of planning the remainder of their day.

Please call and ask to be scheduled for applicant or licensee fingerprinting. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time and expect the process to take approximately 15 minutes.

A hour notice is requested for all cancellations. The established protocol is for the applicant to schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted. Scheduled appointments take priority, and a walk-in may be delayed up to an hour or more until a time slot is available. The Division of State Police maintains six applicant livescan sites.

The locations and addresses are:.

Each week thereafter while in a temporary adjustment, Salem Livescan will be open every Tuesday and Thursday. Please call to schedule an appointment.

Fact Sheet - Criminal History Background Check

We apologize for any inconvenience. Whether the applicant fingerprints are captured by ink or livescan, it is imperative that the correct New Hampshire statutory cite RSA is noted that authorizes access to the FBI record database for that applicant. At their employing School Advisory Unit, school district, or charter school, the applicant must complete the School Employee Criminal History Records Check — RSA a form, have the form notarized, obtain a fingerprint card, or instructions to be fingerprinted by a livescan, and pay the fee of either employing School Advisory Unit, school district, or charter school.

Specific forms and instructions may be obtained by choosing the appropriate website.

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