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If you have questions about whether your criminal record can be cleared, we can answer your questions and get you started on the process if you are eligible. With a felony or misdemeanor on your record available for future employers, landlords or educational institutions to access at any time, you could be facing certain inevitable hardships. Employers will often refuse to hire convicted felons.

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The same could hold true for certain places of residence and educational facilities. Contact a Houston expungement lawyer today and let us begin working on your case!

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Need Help Clearing Your Record? Our attorneys at the Martinez Law Firm handle the following types of record clearing: Houston Expungement Attorney Expunction is generally defined as a type of petition filed by an individual who has a criminal record and desires that certain portions or the entirety of that record become sealed. Those criteria are as follows: If the person was tried, they must have also been acquitted, or convicted and then pardoned If the person was charged but that charge did not ultimately result in a conviction These two general requirements have more specific sub-requirements that detail specific crimes, the role that probation could play and other pertinent factors.

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Criminal History Record Information: Notwithstanding any other provision of this subchapter, if a person is placed on deferred adjudication community supervision under Section 5, Article Are you a new client? Yes, I am a potential new client. No, I am a current existing client. I'm neither.