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Hound dogs were used in rabbit hunting. The dogs would chase the rabbits in front of the hunters, who would shoot them. The children would scoop up the game before the dogs could catch the rabbits and eat them. When the children got older, Delbert taught them how to hunt. In St. Clement was merged with four other parishes to form the new St.

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Peter the Apostle parish. The Mulhall family was very active in their parish. Mulhall recalls the everyday faith of the family. Our religious practices were normal for the period. We had statues and crucifixes throughout our home. Our mother helped us to pray each night before we went to bed. Mom is definitely the person of outward faith, who taught us the devotional practices and made sure we learned them.

We were very active in the faith and social life of the parish. In fact, I probably spent more time at the parish than I did at home. Mulhall credits his father for having a great influence on his faith life. But where my father gave his best witness was living his faith with honesty and integrity. Daniel remembers that the faith was lived in the family as a family, but never really discussed.

Daniel had wanted to attend the minor seminary in Louisville when he completed eighth grade. He spent the summer in bed, going out just for doctor appointments.

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With seminary school now not an option, and with the family being unable to afford Catholic high school, Daniel attended Pleasure Ridge Park High School. It was the first time I came into contact with people who believed deeply in a different faith…It was during this time that my faith was shaped and made my own. It gave me the opportunity to put my faith in perspective. I believe I came out of high school far more religious than I went in…I never lost my connection to the parish or faith of my family. In , Mulhall entered Bellarmine College studied and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in political science.

I became a political science major almost by accident. Bellarmine had a few teachers in Poli Sci and I happened to like them. I enjoyed the political conversations. I guess I intended to teach high school. But more honestly, at that time in my life, my only intention was to complete college. He contributed articles to the campus newspaper, The Concord, and as an intern, worked as an editor for the statewide prison newspaper, The Inter-Prison Press.


In , Daniel became a seminarian for the Archdiocese of Louisville. Together they shared daily Mass, evening prayer and communal dinners. They also had access to a spiritual director. Mulhall enjoyed the companionship with similar minded young men. During his seminary years, Daniel enjoyed the support of three diocesan priests who he admired greatly. Just shy of ordination to the diaconate, Daniel took a leave of absence from the seminary.

I took a leave of absence and never found my way back.

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Section 14 of the document describes the process of preparing those interested in becoming Catholic Christians. In , after leaving the seminary, Mulhall graduated from Catholic University of America with a Master degree in Theology. Then, he moved to Tyler, Texas where he was a music director for Immaculate Conception parish for a few months, before returning to Louisville, where he taught religion to sophomore and junior boys at Xavier High School in Louisville that year. I learned the importance of lesson planning, of being a creative teacher, of listening and observing students, of humility and of divine inspiration.

They were introduced through a mutual friend.

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They have been married 34 years and have three children and two grandchild. We are so different. She grew up in the east side of Louisville in a solidly middle class family…Both parents were college graduates and just about everyone in the family has an advanced degree. I was the guy from the wrong side of the tracks. But while different…we [share] a deep faith, a love of family, and enjoyment of many of the same activities. I can do what I do because of her. Nothing else. At the time of their wedding, Kathleen was a full time mathematics teacher at Thomas More College in Covington, Kentucky.

They decided that Daniel would apply for a teaching position in Covington as well. He visited the Covington diocesan office, where the hiring of teachers took place, and inquired about job openings for high school religion teachers. Michael Quigley, the personnel director, informed Daniel that there were no teaching positions available.

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However, the diocese was searching for a consultant for adult religious education. An appointment was made. Two weeks later Mulhall interviewed with Father Leonard Callahan, the diocesan director of religious education.

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I went home and visited the library — no Google then- read everything I could find on adult education and adult religious education. By the time of my interview, I was a walking, talking expert in adult education and adult religious education theory and practice…I was offered the job. Daniel became the first person to hold a consulting job full time. The position was created by Father Leonard Callahan. RCIA process. Having studied the document on the RCIA at CUA and hearing the possibilities of people being introduced to the Catholic faith by immersing them in the life of Christ, the celebration of liturgy, and parish life, Daniel was enthusiastic about implementing the process in the Covington diocese.

With trepidation, he approached the priest to discuss the RCIA. Not only was the priest willing to implement the process, he turned out to be a most caring man. Later when the priest was transferred to a parish in Ashland, he successfully implemented the RCIA throughout the entire northern mountain area. Mulhall traveled several times with the bishop to celebrate the Rite of Election. I just helped it along. Rock was a dynamo. He…taught me a great deal about the celebrations of the rite…Each Easter he would turn a grotto to Mary into a baptismal font with flowing water.

Those to be baptized were then fully immersed in the running water on Easter morning at sunrise at the end of a night-long vigil. To be a successful consultant you must be able to convince the pastor of a parish that the outcome and rewards of a particular program will justify the effort. Although Daniel had been writing articles since his college days, his writing career really began in Covington.

Rick Nare, editor of the diocesan newspaper, The Messenger, asked him to write a regular column. She asked Daniel to help her with the project. Thus began a three year collaboration as they researched, developed and co-authored A Time For.

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The six-week life review program was first published by Franciscan Communications in A Time For was reprinted by Liguori Publications in It has since gone out of print. When Mulhall renewed his yearly contract with the Covington diocese in , he was told that his position was going to be eliminated the following year due to budget cuts. A year and a half later, Daniel, still working in Los Angeles, left the archdiocese to become senior editor of Benziger Publishing, a position he held from , when he was promoted to Executive Editor, a position he held until While working in California, Daniel and his family settled in Baldwin Park, a suburb of Los Angeles populated mostly by recent immigrants from the Philippines and various Hispanic countries.

Daniel and his wife liked living in such a culturally diverse community. However his family did not share his enthusiasm for the West coast. The family decided to relocate and Mulhall began to look for job opportunities that would take him back East.

I went from dealing with catechesis and catechetical issues on a diocesan level to dealing with them on a national and international level. Mulhall was publisher and editor for the quarterly journal, The Living Light, for the Department of Education These informal, round robin discussions would involve Catholic experts on topics ranging from evangelization, the Church in Latin America, Hispanic [issues] in the United States, priestly life and ministry, and so many more.

Daniel still holds this position with the publishing company.