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For family reunions, birthdays or deaths, it makes sense for family members to search for that long lost cousin or aunt twice removed.

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This has been considered a legitimate search reason. Credit reporting agencies have created financial files on consumers when they make a loan application. When an individual applies for a position or for housing, the employer or landlord has access to these personal files also. It has become quite easy to get a hold of a Social Security Number. The Reverse Social Security Number search is used on sites to verify whether the person matches his number.

Usually, this search is conducted with a last name. Individuals, private companies, private investigators, banks, apartment complexes, local, state and federal governments are all looking up this private information every day. Companies have accumulated a lot of information about you and sold it to these databases to make money.

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The best way to find people by Social Security Number is online. The phone number that showed up on the caller ID was Just FYI, for anybody that gets a call from these. I get a scam call like this almost everyday and sometimes multiple times a day. They keep switching numbers, but it is always the same sort of poorly scripted automated voice. I would love to see these scam artists behind jail for years. One example gives a phone number with the - being stated as "to" as if it were a number range.

And then they say "and I repeated" with the same number then say "thank you and have a nice day" Another says "the issue at hand is extremely time sensitive" in the same voice and number phrasing. It is extremely annoying. Funny how charges will be pressed on me and I should not ignore the message.

I called back last year and told them to arrest me that I was still waiting for the local cops to come. I am still waiting. These jerks are relentless on calling. And when you call their bluff and ask them about what they want you to verify they hang up. I think that the social security administration knows what your address birthday and ss assigned to you is.

I get paperwork from them periodically and they don't call asking me where to send it or even my number so they send correct info. Just tell them to go pound salt and they can take whatever action against you that they wish you will be anxiously waiting for them.

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And then you will wait and wait and wait for nothing to ever materialize. They will contact you by mail. Sometimes certified mail and will only call you when they are returning your call which hardly ever happens. Most contacts you will have you will be contacting them not them contacting you. So don't feel threatened. Peace out people.

Karma will get them with our help if we waste their time give them no information at all except for cartoon character names and official phone numbers. Received two voice mails in one day; one call from and second call from ; both calls I sent to my voice mail. Message states: "This call is from the Department of Social Security Administration the reason you have received this phone call from our department is to inform you that we just suspended your Social Security number because we found suspicious activity, so if you wan to know about this, just press one.

Thank you. Thank you so much for posting this blog. Just received this call, thanks for posting this as I assumed it was fraud.

How to Locate Someone by Social Security Number

I JUST got one of these also--exactly as described. And I'm normally pretty aware of these They actually called my local PD with me on the line, so I put them on mute and called the local PD at the same time. Can these people not be caught??? They got your addresses, to send you mail. They call a little ahead of time of scheduled time with what's said a repersentive.

Trying figure fake from real these days are impossiable. Is posing as a rep from SSA legal? If not, why haven't these scammers been shut down? After all, we all know exactly how to find them. I got a phone call to day from a guy named Edward with badge AC claming to be from the SSA in El Paso TX telling m that I had cars on my name with drugs found in them and that I was money laundering from a few different banks and that I would have to be issued a new SS and so on I hung up. So coincidence or no??

I recieved the exact same call except I didn't press one because I knew it was a scam as I have other safeguards in place that would have alerted me the second something suspicious came up with my SSN. Scam Voice Message received today. Hi this is officer Ryan Smith calling you from the department of social security administration. The reason you have received this phone call from our department is to inform you that there is a legal enforcement action filed on your social security number for criminal activities.

So when you get this message kindly call us soon as possible on our number that is Received call today February 20 at AM. The computer generated voice said that I was suspected of Social fraud and to call back or I would be prosecuted. When I called the number the man mumbled something about Social security. There were many voices like it was a call center. Just got a call from them today and they left a similar voicemail only the number was and that is what they left for me to call.

The caller id showed as V I never answer this type of caller id. Just had a scam call claiming to be social security happen to me a few minutes ago. How do we report a situation like this? Seems like I've been getting a lot of calls since last year about illegal enforcement fraudulent activity filed on my social security telling me to call back before it goes to legal proceedings This call is getting old and I have not received anything in the mail.

I have received 5 phone called with 5 different numbers, all stated they are from the department of social security stating that they just suspend my ssn due to suspicious activity. Numbers are: , , , , I received a call from the "IRS" that I had owed money for an error on my tax form when I asked for what year I was told a year after I stopped filing taxes as all we get is social security retirement ,told them it was a scam and hung up.

I never answer my land line, letting my call blocker answer, but they leave messages, mostly of the tech support or SSA variety, which have a number of things in common. First, the English grammar is horrible, like the following snippet: "It seems to be someone is trying to steal your personal informations. If it's not fixed right away, then all of your credential infomations may got compromised. In case you don't want to get charges Second, rather than having normal pauses, the messages often have pauses inserted in inappropriate places, giving the voices a strange cadence: "I am calling from Microsoft Windows Refund Department for the refund of your They often end with inappropriate signoffs, such as, " Lastly, the computerized voices are often of terrible quality, sounding muffled and of uneven loudness.

Though they no longer use live callers with Indian accents, the robo calls are obviously programmed by foreigners with limited proficiency in English. Called the number back and it was the actual SSI wage reporting line. Is this one of those spoof calls? I got one too. Same message. Did you ever find out what happened? Was it legitimate? This iso awful. My SS number was being suspended because of involvement with illegal activity. They left a number to call them back. The next day I received a call from "Susan", of the Social Security Administration Fraud Prevention Unit, and that if I do not respond immediately, my assets would be frozen.

Again they left a number to call back same number. I called that number several times, from a different number of course, and always got a recording that all operators were busy, and to leave a message. I did leave them several messages with very choice words that would make even a hardened criminal cringe. I reported the messages that were left for me to the FTC with the phone number that was used. And I had a good laugh. Stay Alert!!! I got this same call today Scam Voice Message received today.

Your Social Security Number Was Stolen! Now What?

I got the same exact call today! I got a call from , and they said they my SSN was being used to open bank accounts and buy cars in Texas area. And then the FBI had found this car abandoned in some area and. They also said that someone had opened bank accounts on using my SSN and my Name and wired huh amounts of money all over the country and to Mexico. They mention that in order to get my SSN blocked and order a new SSN to my name I needed to convert all the money that I had in my current bank account into government bonds, and that government will keep this money safe until I got new SSN, and I opened new bank accounts.

I sensed this was not right and I disconnected the phone. Then I got two more calls from another number I did not pick up. I just received the call from a person with a thick accent. He told me I was going to be arrested for fraudulent Social Security card activity and he needed information from me.

I told him it sounds like a foreign call center- where are you calling from? He said- Texas. The number: shows it is from New Windsor, MD. I asked him if he was going to ask me for my SS number he said no only the last four digits. I asked him what name does he have for me? He hung up!!!