Standard form 91 motor vehicle accident report

The vehicle operator shall also obtain the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of any witnesses and, wherever possible, have witnesses complete Standard Form 94, Statement of Witness, and give the completed Standard Form 94 and other related information to his or her supervisor. The vehicle operator shall make no statements as to the responsibility for the accident except to his or her supervisor or to a Government investigating officer. A complete copy of the accident report shall be forwarded to the appropriate GSA office as outlined in the vehicle operator's packet.

Request a Police Crash Report - Introduction

Should such investigation develop additional information, the additional data or facts will be furnished to the using agency for its information. Whenever there is any indication that a party other than the operator of the GSA Interagency Fleet Management System IFMS vehicle is at fault and that party can be reasonably identified, the agency responsible for investigating the accident shall submit all original documents and data pertaining to the accident and its investigation to the servicing GSA IFMS fleet management center.

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It shall be the further responsibility of the agency, in the event that administrative settlement cannot be effected, to prepare completely, from an administrative standpoint, the Government's defense of the claim. The agency shall thereafter transmit the complete case through appropriate channels to the Department of Justice. The police arrived at the scene of the accident and took information from appellant and the woman who had run the red light.

Appellant then contacted Supervisor K. Appellant provided times and details regarding her actions that day. While returning home she encountered heavy rain and severe thunderstorms and pulled over twice, which delayed her return.

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Details were provided regarding the motor vehicle accident. She noted that she had approval for purchase of steel-toed shoes and disagreed with his statement that she was not approved to shop for this item in Baton Rouge, LA. Appellant stated that while on travel status it was customary practice to perform other employing establishment duties which were not mentioned in travel authorizations.

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An employee seeking benefits under FECA [3] has the burden of proof to establish the essential elements of his or her claim by the weight of the reliable, probative, and substantial evidence [4] including that the injury occurred in the performance of duty and that any specific condition or disability for work for which compensation is claimed is causally related to that employment injury. FECA provides for the payment of compensation for the disability or death of an employee resulting from a personal injury sustained while in the performance of duty.

In the course of employment deals with the work setting, locale, and time of injury. Arising out of the employment encompasses not only the work setting, but also the requirement that an employment factor caused the injury. The Board has similarly recognized that FECA covers an employee 24 hours a day when the employee is on travel status and engaged in activities essential or incidental to such duties.

How To Write A Police Report For Car Accident

Appellant related that while driving home, during the afternoon, she encountered a rain storm and had to pull off the highway to wait for the weather to clear. Early that evening, while continuing her travel back to Memphis, appellant exited the highway to obtain gas and food. She was back on her direct route home when the vehicle she was driving was struck by another vehicle.

The Board has held that an employee on travel away from her normal post of duty is extended coverage under FECA for all ordinary incidents which the employer would normally contemplate as occurring in the course of such mission. Appellant remained in the course of employment with respect to all normal incidents of her employment. These were activities incidental to her employment and travel status.

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At the actual time of the accident, appellant had resumed her travel back to Memphis. She was not engaged in a deviation for personal reasons at the time of the accident.

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The form requires the police to note only the details of the parties involved in the road accident. The intention to incorporate a detailed accident information report can be seen in The Road Transport and Safety Bill, This format is an improved version of the Accident Information Report Form 54 and contains several specifics which can be useful both for accident investigation and for claims in the tribunal for road accidents. A few of these details are discussed in the course of this article.

How To Write A Police Report For Car Accident

The Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill, has incorporated a provision for information to be given regarding an accident under Section Road accident investigation and Road Accident Investigation Report would include a detailed account of the details of the accident and how it could have been prevented. This data could then be stored and analysed for trends and common linkages over a period of time and prove invaluable to map out targetted solutions.

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For instance, if there is a flaw with the manufacturing of the car by the company, the same could be determined by the road accident investigation agencies report. Currently, no such data repository exists and hence questions of common patterns in road accidents remain unanswered. Road accidents have been recognized as a growing threat and it is due to this recognition that the Brasilia Declaration has been signed.