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Can I get an order for protection against a same-sex partner? If I am not eligible for an order for protection, is there another type of restraining order I can get? How much does it cost to get an order for protection? Do I need a lawyer? Steps for obtaining an order for protection Step 1: Fill out the necessary forms and file them in court.

Step 2: A judge will review your petition and may grant an ex parte order. What will happen to the abuser's firearms if the judge includes a firearm restriction in my order for protection? What should I do when I leave the courthouse? I was not granted an order for protection.

Orders for Protection & How They Can Affect You

What are my options? What can I do if the abuser violates the order? How can my order be changed, extended or dismissed? Can I get my order for protection from Minnesota enforced in another state? Can my employer discipline or fire me for taking time off work to file for an order for protection? Harassment Restraining Orders Basic info and definitions What is the legal definition of harassment in Minnesota?

What types of harassment restraining orders are there? Who is eligible for a harassment restraining order? Can a minor get a harassment restraining order?

What Is Stalking?

What protections can I get in a harassment restraining order? Can I get a harassment restraining order against a minor? Getting a harassment restraining order What are the steps for getting a harassment restraining order? How can a harassment restraining order be served?

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How much does it cost to file for a harassment restraining order? Violation of a harassment restraining order What happens if the abuser violates the order? What is the punishment for violating the order? Who can file a contempt of court petition to report a violation to the judge? How do I know if my OFP is good under federal law? I have a temporary ex parte order. Can it be enforced in another state?

Getting your order for protection enforced in another state How do I get my OFP enforced in another state? Do I need anything special to get my OFP enforced in another state? Can I get someone to help me? Do I need to tell the court in Minnesota if I move? Enforcing custody provisions in another state I was granted temporary custody with my OFP. Unlike most occupations, law enforcement agencies require one to disclose expunged convictions.

The reason is that getting a criminal record expunged means the person did not commit a serious disqualifying crime e. In addition, the granting of an expungement means one has satisfied any and all sentencing requirements and has been determined by a judge to be working toward being a better citizen.

How Restraining Orders Impact Your Life, Record - Husker Law

Any law enforcement agency is going to take the above into account when one applies. However, it is not a guarantee that an applicant will be considered. Each agency has its own standards, and other factors such as past work history and performance on entrance exams will also be considered. One thing that is certain is that hiring officials will ask questions about the convictions. As such, one would be well served to consult with an attorney as to how to answer questions with regards to the crime, the conviction, and the expungement.

Orders for Protection from Domestic Abuse

Having been arrested is not an automatic disqualifier for one considering a job as a police officer. If the arrest did not result in a conviction, this will be taken into account. Keep in mind that, even if the arrest has been expunged, it must be disclosed in applications to law enforcement jobs unlike many other professions. As mentioned above, police departments will consider a wide variety of factors when considering applications and the arrest is just one.

Technically, yes. However, the police agency in question will likely ask many questions about the incident and the resulting conviction.

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The good news is that many of the above-mentioned felonies e. Unless a person was required to undergo drug testing as part of a sentence, a drug test is not required when filing for an expungement.

A person who was ordered to undergo drug testing by a judge during sentencing must complete and pass all required tests before applying for an expungement. The military is one of the few bodies that can request to see expunged records. A person enlisting must disclose expunged convictions. These convictions do not mean that one will be denied entry into the military; however, failing to disclose them does.