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But he said that when he and his wife, Monique, who works at an automotive parts plant in Sandusky, divorced after more than 20 years of marriage, his son, then 17, took a turn for the worse. After the divorce, McGee, who has two older brothers, shuttled between his parents' homes. But they asked him to leave when he broke their rules. After his junior year, he dropped out of Sandusky High School. On his own, McGee stayed with relatives and friends, such as Reiko Clark, his barber.

He would pack clothes into the back seats of friends' cars, and sometimes sleep on the streets. But McGee always kept his notebook close. He scribbled song lyrics, and to make money, he sold drugs. After he penned "My Story," he recorded it in a friend's home studio.

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The friend encouraged him to post it on the Internet. But a short time later, things got worse. In September , he was arrested for drug possession, tampering with evidence and other related offenses after police found him with cocaine and ecstasy after a traffic stop. He was locked up in the Erie County Jail until he posted bond the next month.

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When he got out, he went to his MySpace page and found that he had more than 10, hits for his song. After his release, McGee saved money for studio time. He posted more songs, using friends' or relatives' computers. McGee has not made money from his online music, but it has generated gigs in Cleveland and Florida. He caught the attention of DreamLife Productions, a Cleveland record company, where he signed a record and management deal. His manager, who goes by Sosa, also manages popular Cleveland hip-hop artist Al Fatz. He says he believes McGee will be a star.

In the past few weeks, McGee flew to Atlanta to meet with producers. He has also been to New York and New Jersey to record and perform in front of popular producers like Poke of the Trackmasters, and hip-hop artists like Young Chris. He now even has his own Web site, seanmcgeeonline. But McGee must rectify some of his mistakes and also fulfill a promise he made to his mother. His mother said her son's rebellious period was hard, but he needed to go through it to get to the point he is at now. This would set a new legal precedent that would help protect women against the full range of abortion-related abuses, including lack of informed consent and lack of information about the harmful side effects of abortion.

Ultimately, it could help protect millions of victims from the horror of abortions performed under physical and psychological duress in private and state-funded abortion clinics and family planning centers throughout the U. Supreme Court. Cited there from Pro-Life Infonet, 2 August , www. Aware Woman Center for Choice, 23 January Yet, despite robust economic growth and low unemployment over the past … Read more. Not only … Read more. Get our Weekly Briefing! We send out a well-researched, in-depth article on a variety of topics once a week, to large and growing English-speaking and Spanish-speaking audiences.

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Give Monthly to PRI. Give the gift of LIFE! Support the Population Research Institute! Donate today to give the gift of life! Lack of Media Coverage The vast majority of these cases of compulsory abortion are never reported in the media, but even a cursory search of the Internet turns up dozens of cases, such as the following: 2 Prosecutors dropped all charges against a Fort Lauderdale doctor after his former wife, the alleged victim of a rape and forced abortion, said she was too sick to testify against him.

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Gynecologist Theodor Lehrer was arrested after his wife told police he had handcuffed and gagged her, then raped her and forcibly aborted an week-old fetus in a bathroom in their condominium. Ek said her boss mistreated her while she was pregnant and threatened to push her down the stairs during her sixth month of pregnancy.

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The AFA attorneys had to go to court and on the day before her scheduled abortion a judge issued a restraining order to halt the procedure. Once in America she discovered that she actually had been coerced into working for a brothel. Upon her discovery she attempted to resist but was brutally beat and gang raped. The young girl was finally rescued after she had been a slave for several months and suffered two forced abortions and numerous diseases. As Richard Halloran notes.

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From the National Organization for Women? From the National Abortion Federation, whose clinics presumably abort these slaves on a regular basis? No, we have not. And we are likely never to hear such condemnation. She received 30 years in prison. Otrey said she was told that the shelter did not provide services for pregnant homeless women. A staff member drove her to the bank to withdraw money for the abortion, then took her to the abortion clinic.

Their boss had threatened them with job termination if they became pregnant or took medical leave. Samantha Robinson, an official of the Emergency Medical Services Department, had told eight medical rookies in July that they could not become pregnant because they were on probation for a year and had no job benefits.

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These comments directly violate the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. The 2-pound baby was delivered dead later in the day. The American Civil Liberties Union sided with Hollis and wrote a friend of the court brief on his behalf, saying that all charges regarding the death of the baby should be dropped. Stephen Pack apparently was having an affair with a nurse when she became pregnant. Upset by her refusal to have an abortion, he physically assaulted her in the hospital parking lot when she was eight weeks pregnant. Fortunately, her unborn child survived the attack and was safely delivered seven months later.

Kristin Neuhaus of Lawrence, Kansas, is under investigation for sedating a woman and then performing an abortion on her after the women had withdrawn her consent for the abortion. After being released from the juvenile detention facility she told her mother that all the young girls were forced to provide sex to the guards. If they got pregnant, they were beaten and forced to have abortions by the guards. In their appeal they ask the Supremes to address three issues: Does a pregnant woman have the absolute right to refuse an abortion?

Is a forced abortion done by an abortionist in an abortion clinic a violation of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act as a matter of law? This is why Population Research Institute has been assisting in this effort. The United States Abortion , Forced Abortion , United States Supreme Court , coerced abortion , coercion , lethal injection abortion , reproductive choice , reproductive freedom , violence against women.