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The department maintains a permanent record and index of all documents for public access. Clerk Services is responsible for maintaining and providing certified copies of birth, death and marriage certificates. The department also issues marriage licenses, performs civil marriage ceremonies, files fictitious business name statements, processes passport applications, files notary public oaths and bonds, and registers professional photocopiers, process servers and unlawful detainer assistants.

Other responsibilities of the department include overseeing the County Archives.

The Archives identifies catalogs, protects and provides access to county records and other materials of historical value. Volumes of historic photographs, correspondence, property records, artifacts and numerous materials on the history of Orange County are accessible to the public, researchers and historical organizations. Shall take charge of and safely keep, or dispose of pursuant to law, all books, papers, and records which are filed or deposited in his office pursuant to law.

Shall keep copies of all regulations, repeals and codes; shall keep a complete copy of the California Administrative Code and the California Administrative Register; shall maintain the codes. The county clerk shall keep an official seal of the office for use when performing official duties other than ex officio duties which shall, when embossed, stamped, impressed or affixed to a certification, show legibly.

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The county clerk shall distribute to persons applying for a marriage license a list of family planning and birth control clinics located in the county, which shall be prepared by the county health officer.